domenica, settembre 03, 2006

Mail Art

Ecco la mia busta finita

ed il retro
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Nel complesso mi piace parecchio!

5 commenti:

Concetta ha detto...

Elena, thank you for your sweet words about the tribute to my nonno. I'm sorry you didn't get to meet your nonno Peppe, he sounded like a very special person, as does your nonna Rosa. {hugs} Beautiful stitching as always, and how lovely to see the one of you with Matilda and Kelly! :) I don't know if Noè would be happy if you brought them home, though! LOL

elenamac ha detto...

Ciao Concetta
Noè is avery curios and unfear cat!
it's some days he try to fly from my parents 's balcony and a window, condifer that my parents 's apartment it's on 5th floor!!! I'm scary to see him fly so we decided to close the dorr of the balcony!!
Usually is he saw a open door he run away and one day is enter in a friend's apartment and jump in a bed for a nap!!!LOL
Strange cat!!!

angioletto79 ha detto...

bellissimo complimenti!!!!

melaguendy ha detto...

veramente deliziosa!!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

E ci credo che ti piace parecchio, è bellissima!
Ciao, Stefania