lunedì, maggio 21, 2007

Ancora regali Karen

Grazie Karen per il bellissimo regalo che mi hai fatto, è tutto tutto bellissimo!! Il regalo comprendeva anche due pacchetti di patatine, una stecca di cioccolata ed una scatola di tea che non mi entravano nella foto! Grazieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Karen thank you so much for the wonderful present you've sent!! wowhoo i can't belive my eyes, thank you so much i love everything! I'm sorry in the pic i'vent add the chips and the chocholate and the tea but all it's wonderful!!! The fabric it's stunning!!! wowhoo I love it!!!And the rest too! Thank you so much my friend! Happy birthday to your DH too!!!

3 commenti:

Karen ha detto...

Happy Birthday Elena I hope you enjoy the chocolate , tea and everything else

elenamac ha detto...

Sureeeeeeeeeee tomorrow breakfast with your tea, and I'll try to eat the rest in the afternoon ( not all the chocholate!!!)
thank you so much!!!!

Romy ha detto...

Great!!! :-))