lunedì, ottobre 15, 2007

Halloween Exchange Update

Eccoci qua arrivati alla data della spedizione dello scambio di Halloween ed allora questa è la situazione:
Time to shipping about our halloween exchange so here the situation:
Marilena ->spedito (shipped) ->ricevuto (received)Romy
Romy -> spedito (shipped) ->ricevuto ( received) Paola P.
Io -> spedito (shipped)
Vania ->spedito (shipped)
Corinne -> spedito (shipped) ->
Tara -> spedito (shipped) ->ricevuto ( received)
Valex -> spedito ( shipped)
Vittoria ->spedito(shipped) ->ricevuto ( received)
Vale -> Spedito ( shipped)
Romina -> spedito ( Shipped)
Paola R -> spedito ( shipped)
Manu ->spedirà domani ( will ship tomorrow morning)
Marina ->spedito (shipped)
Stefania-> spedito (shipped)
Paola P -> spedito ( shipped)

3 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Elena!
Tara received my letter !!
Thank you for this exchange ! It was a pleasare !!
Missfil/ Corinne

tara ha detto...

it is done! my packet is on the way to...???lol!!!
and I have received from MissFil some wonderful surprises!
Wonderful exchange Elena!


tara ha detto...

You can see on my blog today, all the wonderful presents MissFil has sent to me***and Elena, you can take the pictures for your blog or an album if you want ;o)